• It is easy to set up hot tub and, if it necessary, to move it;
  • You can use hot tub all around year.

The sauna-barrel hot tub is a round wood-fired outdoor pool. Our hot tubs are made of 42mm thick Siberian spruce or larch timber and we have two models: hot tub with inside heater and hot tub with outside heater. Both heaters ensures the smooth warming and it usually takes 2 hours to get the bath ready for use (+/- 38 ° C). 

The heater inside hottub is made from aluminium because aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. The outside heater is made from aluminium and stainless steel. Also barrel hoops and screws are made from stainless steel. The stove is burning on dry, clean wood. 

Our hot tubs are available in various diameters: 160cm, 180cm and 200cm. The inside height is 90cm. Our hot tubs are is always supplied with heater, wooden cover, outside stepping and inside benches.

It is possible to get a special waterproof coverage inside hot tub – we have it in different colors. We can paint the hot tub with the linseed oil color (a wide range of colors) from the outside – it will protect the hottub from a weather conditions.

ekosolis barrel hot tubs

Ekosolis hot tub with outside heater_ barrel sauna jakuzi

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