angular barrel sauna wooden sauna mobile sauna wood productsANGULAR SAUNA

Price from: EUR 3500,- (VAT 21% included)

Material: Siberian spruce and Black alder (in the sauna room).

Entrance hall with two wooden benches.

Sauna room with seats and Harvia wooden heater (price from EUR 3700,-) or electric heater (price from EUR 3500,-).


Total length: 330 cm.

Roof over the entrance: 30 cm.

Lenght of entrance hall: 90 cm.

Sweating shelf lenght: 190 cm.

Barrel diameter - 200 cm.


Barrel strengthened by 4 stainless steel hoops.

Black alder wood sauna sweating shelf and floor planking.

Glass entrance doors and sauna doors (it is possible to get also wooden entrance doors).

Vents on both circular bath walls.

The roof is treated with bitumen shingles coating.

Lamps lighting inside.

8 kW electric or wood-buring(6-13 m3) Havria stove and Stove stones.

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